You’re probably wondering why somebody spends his time creating virtual pictures and movies. Well, I have always worked with drawings. As a child I loved looking at geometrical shapes and Salvador Dali paintings. I began my career in 1978 as an Illustrator and started rendering with pen and ink. In 1992 I sat in front of an Apple Mac and began doodling with Adobe Dimensions (a brilliant 3D vector program) from that day it has been a never ending learning process.

I was trained in the old school and my teachers would say “either do it correctly or not at all” this gave me pride in my efforts, since then I have always tried to do my best. The models on this blog have been created within a half of a millimeter accuracy, and are of the highest quality.

I’m a lover of music and have produced the music for all my animations. I really enjoy using a mac to produce music.

I am now teaching English to small children in Taiwan. This gives me the opportunity to sing songs and remember the good old nursery rhymes.

May this blog be useful to someone, somewhere on mother earth.

take care



8 Responses to “Profile”

  1. I’m sure it will be!!!!
    This is me, from a village in Spain. Surfing on the net I’ve just found your nice blog. I’m user of C4D too, but still learning. Really nice your works and your blog. I’m wodering why somebody with your knowledge in 3d and music, is teaching English at the moment… anyway,
    Good luck in Taiwan !!!!!

  2. Many thanks anylorak and lots of fun with cinema 4d, you have chosen a great program. I used cinema professionally 8 hours every day creating animations and visuals for very large European companies and it never crashed. It could be because I was using a Mac.

  3. Some nice, basic 3D work here. Thanks for the positive comments and showing people 3D can be fun and easy.

  4. your work is amazing! really helped me out a lot. THANK YOU!

  5. THANK YOU!! Mister TJ and have fun exploring the world of 3d and imagination.

    • hello , can you give me your email? I need a preaentation like this: Drawdio on stripboard(youtube) , i can pay for this , I-am student and i need this to my final project. My pcb have only 20 components. Please contact me on diner87 att

  6. Hello, I’m a swiss electronic engineer and love your drawdio animation – it’s able to show the passion for details I esperience by building electronic circuits. We must connect. I make 9V LED torches with disabled people in Switzerland. We call it the “Pfunzle”. One can even use old batteries and use it’s rest energy to have hours of light. Please contact me at at Kontakt.

  7. Hello 3d4me,

    I just discovered this blog and your other one–DIY Family. Really incredible work. I’m a senior editor at MAKE magazine and I’d love to talk to you about some of your projects. Can you email me at


    Stett Holbrook

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