J.A.Michell reference electronic transcription turntable

Do you remember the days of vinyl with all the snap, crackle and pops?  I remember them so well because I still have a large collection of records. Actually when you have a beautiful turntable and a beautiful arm it makes the music come alive. It’s strange to watch this turntable and know this is where the music is coming from. I have a very large collection of japanese pressings from the eighties and many half speed masters which sound absolutely superb, they make the CD sound like a cassette player. I still love the ritual of removing the vinyl from the rice paper sleeve and placing it on the platter. As you can see in the rendering I never finished the SME series III tone arm, maybe one day I will find the time. Until the next post, good listening.

click to see full size image


~ by 3d4me on Thursday, December 18, 2008.

4 Responses to “J.A.Michell reference electronic transcription turntable”

  1. I have a turntable just like your. I need a few parts for it, have you got any ideal where to find parts? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Long live vinyl!

  2. contact
    J.A.Michell Engineering Ltd
    2 Theobald Street, Borehamwood
    Herts., WD6 4SE
    tel.: +44(0)208.953.0771
    fax: +44(0)208.207.4688
    email: info@michell-engineering.co.uk

  3. or Transcriptors, as this turntable was designed by late father David Gammon in 1960.

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