TEAC AX-20 mix-down panel

I have noticed many people are looking for the A3440 reel to reel and the 2A mixer which I posted earlier. To complete the set here is the AX-20 mix-down panel. Now you can create some beautiful renders with these models. If anyone is interested in purchasing the reel to reel + dbx or the mixer just send me an e-mail and we’ll take it from there. Until the next post, happy rendering.

click to see the full size image


~ by 3d4me on Wednesday, November 26, 2008.

7 Responses to “TEAC AX-20 mix-down panel”

  1. Greetings,

    Could you please price these 3 items separately and then a total price for all if you are offering a discount. I have a A2340R so I am mostly looking for the mixer but I sure would like to see your other prices. Thanks.


  2. Hi Markus

    Thank you for your interest in these wonderful quality products. I am a fan of the original quality of yesteryear. It would be better for me if the three products (TEAC A3440 + RX-9 DBX, TEAC 2A Mixer and the AX-20 Mix-Down) were sold as a bundle.
    I have all the manuals, cables, reels and all the units are in beautiful condition after all these years. There is a problem with the DBX, one channel needs the decode chip replacing, which means finding an old TEAC cassette deck with DBX and replacing the decode chip using the cassette deck chip.
    I have looked on the internet to get an idea of the pricing of these units and would be able to give you a very reasonable price for all three units. Please forgive me for asking but I would like to know where you live, because these units are 220 V and were purchased in England in 1981. They have a special value to me because my first music projects were recorded on these units in England and Germany.
    Please let me know Markus if you are in Europe or the Americas because the postage can also be quite high on these old heavy quality units.
    Take care and hope to hear from you soon.

  3. hello I am looking for almost all the above-except the recorder- do you have any of these for sale? thanks

  4. Hi Dru Boyd
    All the TEAC items are for sale and are 220V. I am now living in Taiwan so I do not know how much it will be for postage and packaging. Let me know if you want prices on these units. Thanks for the interest. 3d4me

  5. do you still have the AX 20 for sale

  6. I have a Teac 3440 and an AC-20 mixer. I want to do simple recording from turntable to tape. The playback device is through a Sansui 8080 receiver. Both the recorder and receiver have been restored. Just how is it that I should wire this device so I can playback left and right. I seem to be able to get left or right but not both.

    Thank you

  7. If you ll sell it Id like the teac ax-20 asap.. will pay any fair price plus shipping. thank you hds1010@rcn.com

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