Cuboro (standard box)

Cuboro has to be one of the best wooden toys in the world. Whenever we open the box the sight, smell and feel of the wooden blocks gives you a sense of pure natural delight. I modeled the 12 blocks of the standard cuboro for an animation. First we built the marble track with the real blocks and I filmed the marble descending. Then I used the soundtrack of the marble to create the animation. This is just a rendering of the blocks. If anyone would like to have these models just let me know. I can’t put it on the downloads page because of it’s file size. Watch the animation in HD here:



~ by 3d4me on Sunday, November 9, 2008.

5 Responses to “Cuboro (standard box)”

  1. Wow! very impressed. I recently hooked up with Cuboro and I have been looking for 3D modeling of cubes for my recording purposes. It would be nice if you can let me share the 3D model. Thanks! Terry

  2. Hello Terry
    I’m really pleased you have an interest in cuboro, we love playing with it. I would be interested in what you are recording and yes I can give you the model and textures. I will place them on my blog as separate blocks and a separate textures file. It will take a few days for me to render the 12 blocks and post them on a Cuboro downloads page. Good luck and many hours of fun with Cuboro.

  3. Hi,

    What I meant by “recording” is not film recording but to memorize my works when I could create cool path (sorry, I am not an English-native). I have been taking photos of my works (not many yet), but I thought there maybe a way to save the building information digitally with 3D modeling. I wasn’t even expecting anyone came out of animation using 3D model yet. You are great!

    I have only limited knowledge about 3D modeling, but do your cube models work with a free software? It sounds like you are using Cinema 4d, but it’s too expensive for me.

    Thank you,


  4. Hi Terry
    My models are cinema 4d format, and are nearly ready for posting on a downloads page. If you wish I can export them to various 3d formats including wrl, 3ds, stl, direct 3d and dxf. The only problem would be the wood textures. You will need to apply them yourself because textures disappear in most exported formats except 3ds. VRML (virtual reality modeling language) is universal and will open in any 3d program. Try the free program called blender, then I can send you 3ds which may retain the texture information.

  5. Hi Terry
    I have sent you an e-mail containing different formats for you to try in your 3d program.

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