TEAC A3440 reel to reel + DBX

When I was a teenager I had an obsession for HI-FI and studio equipment and I bought my own 4 track recording studio. This was the tape machine I used and I recorded some great music on it, it sounds very warm with lots of bass when encoded with DBX. Today we all use macs to record our music but I still have my reel to reel because it looks stunning.

If you are interested in purchasing this beautiful machine with the DBX and mixer just leave a comment and we’ll take it from there.


~ by 3d4me on Sunday, November 2, 2008.

4 Responses to “TEAC A3440 reel to reel + DBX”

  1. I have the same 3440. Hope to find an rx-9 someday!
    Great photo.

  2. Is the 3440 and rx9 still for sale? If so how much.

  3. Excellent PIC!
    If this is the equipment in question, my compliments on the maintenace.
    I too once wanted to buy them and start a small recording studio with friends..
    What are you asking for the 3440, RX-9, both?

  4. Great photo…i am looking for a Teac RX-9 for my A3440.Is yours still for sale?
    Thank you

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